Understanding brain health: signs of memory loss

With June being Brain Awareness month, Putnam Ridge would like to share some helpful tips for healthy living and early warning signs. The brain is a vital organ and it is important to take care of it.  Brain health goes hand-in-hand with a person’s overall health.  So, regular exercise and eating healthy will maintain and contribute to healthy brain cells.  One of the common signs of brain decline is memory loss, especially when it disrupts daily life.  Forgetting important dates or events, having trouble solving problems, or retrieving familiar information could be a concern for early stages of dementia.  Trouble understanding or difficulties in speech or language are also warning signals.  As a person ages, there are normal changes that can be expected, such as missing a monthly payment, forgetting what day it is or losing track of time.  However, signs of dementia can include poor judgement, inability to budget money, difficulty in having a conversation, and not able to retrace steps when something is misplaced.

Foods rich in Omega-3s, such as salmon, sardines, and other fish, contain anti-inflammatory substances and are an essential part of brain health.  Berries, nuts and whole grains are a good source of Vitamin E, which helps to decrease cognitive decline.  Fruits, like avocados and pomegranates, have monounsaturated fat that contributes to healthy blood flow and can lower blood pressure.  Fiber foods help promoting cardiovascular health and ultimately keep the brain cells healthy.  If diet is a concern, supplements designed for brain health specifically can help improve memory, increase concentration and promote mental clarity.

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