Senior Citizen Health, Quality of Life Improvable With The Arts

Senior citizen health and quality of life can be improved with exposure to the arts, recent studies show. Exposure to music, theater and painting can improve memory, cognition and mood, as well as improve self-esteem. Strengthening the creative muscles in the aged is just as important as for them to…...

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Stress Causes Significant Weight Gain In Elderly Women

Women who are stressed are more likely to be obese, according to new findings.     Stress: Research Results Researchers know stress affects behavior and eating habits, both under and overeating. It increases production of the hormone cortisol, which is related to weight gain. Two episodic kinds of stress were examined.…...

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Sleep Tips, Stay Healthy And Alert With These Recommendations

Here are recommended sleep tips to maintain your health and alertness.                     Sleep Tips To Follow Research shows that learning, memory, and information consolidation maintains at a high level. . Lack of rest leads to a decrease in mental performance, focus,…...

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