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Weight Loss In Seniors Reduces Knee Arthritis Pain

Weight loss in senior citizens can reduce symptoms as well as the pain of knee arthritis. Recent research shows that seniors can really help their knee arthritis by losing at least 20% of their weight.   Studies show that millions of older adults have stiff, painful knees caused by arthritis.…...

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Calcium Rich Foods An Absolute Must Have In Seniors Daily Diets

Calcium is a key mineral in maintaining our daily health and therefore a must have in our daily diet. This goes double for senior citizens, who are most vulnerable to a calcium deficiency.       Calcium: Why Seniors Must Have It This mineral is important for maintaining bone health,…...

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Memory Care: How To Choose the Best Nursing Facility

Memory care is a special type of elder care tailored to the unique requirements of senior citizens suffering from advancing dementia and progressive Alzheimer’s disease. A skilled nursing home facility should offer individualized care. That is a big plus. The individualized care given to patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia provides…...

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