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Aging Process Slowed Down By Compound Found In Apples

The aging process can be slowed by a compound found in apples, cucumbers, strawberries, and onions. This compound is called fistein.   Aging occurs when the body can no longer remove and replace dying cells. When a cell ages, it can no longer divide. Consequently, the cell releases inflammatory signals that…...

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Telehealth Improving Health Care Quality At VA Hospitals

Telehealth medicine is now offered at VA hospitals around the country. The VA’s overall strategy is to leverage technology in a way that makes sense for veterans and VA staff. The agency is using tech to improves care access, as well as providing medical care to Vets that are home bound.…...

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Brain Pacemaker Offers Hope In Treating Alzheimer’s Symptoms

A brain pacemaker implanted into the brain’s frontal lobe appears to slow the advance of certain symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Called deep brain stimulation, or DBS, the technique has been used for many years to reduce tremor, walking difficulties, and stiffness caused by Parkinson’s disease. It’s also been studied as a treatment for depression and…...

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Hypertension. Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension is at epidemic proportions here in the United States. The American Heart Association says that 25 per cent of American men between the ages of 35 and 44 suffer from hypertension. Astonishingly, 9 per cent of men between 20 and 34, also have high blood pressure. Hypertension Natural Remedies…...

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Heart Patch Mends Broken Hearts

A heart patch developed by scientists at the University of Toronto repairs damaged cardiac tissue. Heart Patch, How it Works  Cardiac tissues are severely damaged following an attack.  However, implanting patches on the heart surface can be tricky, as open surgery is risky for many patients after an attack. An alternative for…...

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Stroke Victims Recovery Looks Promising With New Injectable Gel

Researchers at the UCLA have developed an injectable gel that promotes tissue regeneration and wound healing in the brains of stroke victims. Background-The Body Tissue Healing Process Damaged body cell tissue heals and regenerates through cell adhesion and cell migration. In cell adhesion, new cells “stick” to the materials between cells,…...

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Exercise Is Key To Your Good Health

Exercise is imperative to maintain your good health. It benefits your brain and improves your mood, muscle tone, and overall health. Moreover, it is very helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.   Exercise  The five best exercise regimens as per Dr. Luiza Petre, Board Certified Cardiologist and Weight Management…...

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Sleep Tips, Stay Healthy And Alert With These Recommendations

Here are recommended sleep tips to maintain your health and alertness.                     Sleep Tips To Follow Research shows that learning, memory, and information consolidation maintains at a high level. . Lack of rest leads to a decrease in mental performance, focus,…...

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Expansion Microscopy Enlarges Samples Providing Clearer Images

Expansion Microscopy, developed by Harvard and MIT researchers, enlarges sample sizes by 100 fold. Consequently, you can see cell tissues with greater clarity and precision. How Expansion Microscopy Works Conventional Electron microscopy limits the ability to clearly image in great detail biological tissue that is smaller than a lights wavelength.…...

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