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Cardiac Rehab: The Why, The Who, And The How.

Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program to help people who have had a heart attack, heart valve repair, heart transplant, or heart failure, get back to a normal and active life. Moreover, cardiac rehab reduces the risk of further heart problems. Indeed, a team of specialists creates a protocol…...

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Rem Sleep, Dementia, and Memory Loss Are All Linked, Study Shows

REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) sleep is critically important for mental health, mood, as well as memory processing. Seniors who spend less time in REM (dream stage) each night are more likely to develop dementia  and memory loss as they age. REM Sleep Importance Sleep moves through five distinct phases each…...

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Foods That Prematurely Age Your Skin. Senior Citizens Beware.

The foods we eat significantly affect the look of our skin. Anything that impairs collagenases, the process of producing the protein collagen, may make your skin appear older. Collagen makes your skin look tight and bouncy. Here we list several foods that prematurely age your skin. Stay away from them.…...

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Exercise Is Key To Your Good Health

Exercise is imperative to maintain your good health. It benefits your brain and improves your mood, muscle tone, and overall health. Moreover, it is very helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.   Exercise  The five best exercise regimens as per Dr. Luiza Petre, Board Certified Cardiologist and Weight Management…...

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Flu Vaccine New Microneedle Patch Superior to Injections

 A Flu Vaccine microneedle patch was evaluated and compared to the standard hypodermic needle delivery system by scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine.  Results demonstrated that the microneedle patch provided a greater more robust immune response and was far more effective in reducing side effects. Vaccine and Influenza  …...

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Sleep Tips, Stay Healthy And Alert With These Recommendations

Here are recommended sleep tips to maintain your health and alertness.                     Sleep Tips To Follow Research shows that learning, memory, and information consolidation maintains at a high level. . Lack of rest leads to a decrease in mental performance, focus,…...

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President Trump Upgrading VA Medical Services To Air Force Members

President Trump continues keeping his promise to military service members and their families to upgrade and improve VA medical care and services. President Trump, VA Administration, Air Force Sign New Agreement The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Midwest Health Care Network announced this week the signing of a collaborative agreement…...

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