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Sepsis Infections Poses Great Danger For Senior Citizens

Sepsis infections pose a great danger to senior citizens. It spreads rapidly and shuts the body down quickly. If not caught and treated early, sepsis infections can be lethal.   Sepsis Infections: What Is it? Sepsis infections are a complication that happens when your body tries to fight off an infection, such as pneumonia, a…

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Saturated Fat Is Still Main Ingredient In Americans’ Diet

Saturated fat still makes up the majority of American’ diet, according results of a recent study. Overall, while there has been some improvement, the typical American diet still contains an overabundance of low quality carbohydrates, refined sugars and empty calories. Consequently, obesity levels among Americans has risen to epidemic proportions — resulting in more cases…

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Protect Your Knees, Tips On How To Keep Them Healthy

protect your knees

Protect your knees is advice you seldom hear and a non-issue for most of us. We take our knees for granted — until they cry out to us with decibels of pain and discomfort. But, if you wait that long, it might already be too late. You should be pro-active and take good care of…

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Stiff Joints Part Of Aging Process, Learn How To Control It

stiff joints

Stiff  joints are something most of us experience at some point in life — and certainly the risk increases as we hit old age.   But why does this happen so often? Is it part of the aging process. Well, one reason is that as we age, our cartilage — the spongy material that protects…

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Trem2 Brain Protein Slows Memory, Cognition Loss In Alzheimer’s Patients

The Trem2 brain protein slows the loss of memory and cognitive skills in Alzheimer’s patients. Both scientists and caregivers have long noted that some Alzheimer’s patients lose their memory and cognitive skills more slowly than others. But until now, they couldn’t figure out why.         What exactly does this Trem2 brain protein…

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2020 Census Important For Gauging Senior Citizens Concerns

2020 census

The 2020 Census is very important for senior citizens. And that’s because unlike the previous Census’, the 2020 version will be completed largely online. You ask — why should that be a problem? The answer is simple. Seniors prefer responding one-to-one with a live person, not a faceless computer. They are wary of answering sensitive…

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Diabetes Patients Can Now Get Medicare Nutrition Benefit

diabetes patients

Diabetes and kidney patients can now get a valuable Medicare nutrition benefit as part of their Medicare coverage.   The estimated 15 million Medicare enrollees with diabetes or chronic kidney disease are eligible for the benefit. But Medicare for seniors aged 65 and older, only paid for 100,000 recipients to get this counseling in 2017, the…

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E Cigarette Smoking Is As Dangerous As Regular Cigarettes

e cigarette

E cigarette smoking is as dangerous as smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Indeed, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHS) announced last week that fourteen people were hospitalized just this month alone with lung disease. The lung cancer came from vaping e cigarettes. In July of this year, eight cases of lung cancer from e cigarettes…

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Seniors Have Collected Tons Of Documents, Shred Or Keep Them?

Seniors have collected tons of documents through the years — documents such as tax, financial, banking and medical. That’s a lot of paper that needs storage space! The question is: what to do with these documents? Keep them or shred them? On the one hand, there’s no question that one needs to retain certain docs…

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Regular Walking Provides Tremendous Health Benefits, Learn How

regular walking

Regular walking is indeed the best exercise and will give you a great quality of life. To maximize the benefits of regular walking, dedication is not enough — you also need motivation and a plan.   Dedication means you need to get out there every single day, as one study by the National Institutes of…

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