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New Dementia Disease Discovered In Seniors, Given The Name “LATE”

A new dementia disease called ‘Late’ has been discovered in senior citizens. This breaking news was published earlier this month in the medical journal Brain.   This dementia disease, named LATE, hits senior citizens aged 80 years and older. The researchers believe that at least 50 percent of diagnosed LATE cases in this age group…

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Sunglasses Key To Your Vision Health: Tips For You


Sunglasses are an important part of our outdoors wardrobe during the Spring and Summer months.   Well, Spring is here and the sunshiny Summer is just around the corner. Just as sunscreen is necessary to protect our skin, a good pair of sunglasses is important to protect our vision.   Unfortunately, many people buy sunglasses…

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Caffeine Is Good, Too Much Caffeine Is Bad For You


Caffeine in moderation is good for you as it has many health benefits. However, too much intake will give you serious health issues. We all love our coffee and tea — the problem is that many of us overdo it and run into health problems.   Coffee and tea are incredibly healthy beverages. Drunk in…

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Senior Citizens Scammed: Aged Lose Milions To Telephone Fraudsters

Senior citizens scammed, lose millions reads the headline. It’s true, seniors, one of our most vulnerable populations, lose millions to telephone fraudsters every year. Instead of living out their years in peace and tranquility, many aged see their life savings gone.           Senior Citizens Scammed: How It Works The government is…

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Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Patients Lobby For Senate Aid

younger-onset alzheimer's

Younger-onset Alzheimer’s patients may be in line to get assistance from the Senate with a proposed amendment to the Older Americans Act.   The bi-partisan legislation would give aid to individuals younger than age 60 to access the support programs of the act. Hearings were held earlier this week before the Senate Special Committee on…

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Sugar Drinks Are Bad For You: What You Need To Know

sugar drinks

Sugar drinks are bad for you. Indeed, too much sugar in any kind of food is a recipe for weight gain, diabetes, chronic obesity and heart problems. And, high sugar levels can also ruin your teeth. Let’s focus on the effects of sugar drinks on your health.   Recently, the journal of the American Heart…

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Hearing Loss Can Be Avoided, Here’s What You Need To Know

hearing loss

Hearing loss can occur naturally as part of the aging process. We all have senior citizen relatives and acquaintances that have some amount of hearing loss. Hearing loss in general is extremely common as we age: Roughly 1 in 3 adults between the ages of 65 and 74 has such loss, and nearly half of…

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Promising Drug By Biogen To Cure Alzheimer’s Declared A Failure

A Biogen Pharmaceuticals drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, just recently considered to be the savior for Alzheimer’s patients and their families, has been declared a failure.   Amid great disappointment, the race to find a drug that will cure or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s now starts up again.           Drug:…

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Nursing Home Wrong Choice Can Be Devastating To Your Family

nursing home

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one after they are discharged from the hospital is a very big decision. Making the wrong choice can bring serious consequences, such as declining health, loss of independence, and heavy financial costs.   Planning in advance before your loved on is discharged by the hospital will give you…

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President Trump Gives Seniors Good News On Prescription Drug Prices

president trump

President Trump today proposed proposed capping out-of-pocket prescription drug prices for seniors covered by Medicare. This position is supported by both the pharmaceutical companies as well as congressional Democrats.   The popular proposal is included within President Trump’s 2020 draft budget proposal.  On the other hand, the 2020 budget draft also proposes a $5.5 billion…

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