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Kidney Disease Preventable With Current Diabetes Drug

kidney disease

Kidney disease, a severe debilitating illness, may be preventable with a current diabetes drug, a new study reports. A drug, called Invokana, is currently prescribed to help control blood sugar in people with diabetes. Researchers now report that Invokana can also help to slow and even prevent kidney disease.   Kidney disease, causes millions of…

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Sugar Drinks Are Bad For You: What You Need To Know

sugar drinks

Sugar drinks are bad for you. Indeed, too much sugar in any kind of food is a recipe for weight gain, diabetes, chronic obesity and heart problems. And, high sugar levels can also ruin your teeth. Let’s focus on the effects of sugar drinks on your health.   Recently, the journal of the American Heart…

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Hearing Loss Can Be Avoided, Here’s What You Need To Know

hearing loss

Hearing loss can occur naturally as part of the aging process. We all have senior citizen relatives and acquaintances that have some amount of hearing loss. Hearing loss in general is extremely common as we age: Roughly 1 in 3 adults between the ages of 65 and 74 has such loss, and nearly half of…

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Promising Drug By Biogen To Cure Alzheimer’s Declared A Failure

A Biogen Pharmaceuticals drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, just recently considered to be the savior for Alzheimer’s patients and their families, has been declared a failure.   Amid great disappointment, the race to find a drug that will cure or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s now starts up again.           Drug:…

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Hospital Emergency Rooms Increasing Safety For Seniors

hospital emergency rooms

Hospital emergency rooms (ER) are upgrading and renovating their facilities so as to increase the safety of their aged patients. Right now, many hospital emergency rooms are noisy, have glaring lights, slippery floors, and no privacy. Indeed, these conditions are dangerous even for younger patents. Many senior citizens are physically frail and have trouble walking.…

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Brain Exercises, Problem Solving Wards Off Mental Decline

brain exercises

Brain exercises, and problem solving tasks are activities that both scientists and laymen believe can help minimize any mental decline as we age. But, is this really true? Is this idea actually based on any scientific evidence? In fact, as we age, our minds do lose their ability to maximally process information and retain memories.…

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Flu Shot Vaccine, This Week Last Call, Get Your Shot

Flu shot vaccines are being heavily promoted this week to the public by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control). The CDC has dedicated this week as the National Influenza Vaccination Week.  It is a way to promote and highlight the importance of everyone getting their flu shots now before winter arrives. The 2017 flu was…

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Meditation 12 Minutes Daily Can Reverse Alzheimer’s Advancement

Meditation for 12 minutes every day can reverse and even stop the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease, a recent scientific study reports.  This is really an incredible finding, as to date, despite extensive research and billions of research dollars spent, no cure is available. Improvements were found by measuring cognitive function, mood, sleep, and the quality…

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Future Flu Vaccines Will Come From Llama Antibodies

Future Flu vaccines will be manufactured from llama antibodies. Yes, llama antibodies. The llama is  long-necked South American animal related to the camel but smaller and without a hump. They are used especially in the Andes as a pack animal and as a source of wool. Researchers are now making great progress toward developing better…

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Activity Guidelines For Seniors Revised By Health Human Services

Activity guidelines for seniors and all other age groups have just been revised by the Department of Health & Human Services.   The new revised second edition is based on the latest research that clearly shows that physical activity brings more health benefits than previously identified.         Activity Guidelines: What You Should…

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