Senior Citizen Health, Quality of Life Improvable With The Arts

Senior citizen health and quality of life can be improved with exposure to the arts, recent studies show. Exposure to music, theater and painting can improve memory, cognition and mood, as well as improve self-esteem. Strengthening the creative muscles in the aged is just as important as for them to…...

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Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of the Day, Don’t Forget It

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t leave home without eating it. Eating a nutritious and well balanced breakfast increases your energy, elevates your mood, and sharpens your memory. It balances your sugar levels, calibrates your hormones, and sharpens your concentration. All things you will need to…...

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Rem Sleep, Dementia, and Memory Loss Are All Linked, Study Shows

REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) sleep is critically important for mental health, mood, as well as memory processing. Seniors who spend less time in REM (dream stage) each night are more likely to develop dementia  and memory loss as they age. REM Sleep Importance Sleep moves through five distinct phases each…...

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