KIdney Disease

Diabetes Patients Can Now Get Medicare Nutrition Benefit

Diabetes and kidney patients can now get a valuable Medicare nutrition benefit as part of their Medicare coverage.   The estimated 15 million Medicare enrollees with diabetes or chronic kidney disease are eligible for the benefit. But Medicare for seniors aged 65 and older, only paid for 100,000 recipients to get…...

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Kidney Disease Preventable With Current Diabetes Drug

Kidney disease, a severe debilitating illness, may be preventable with a current diabetes drug, a new study reports. A drug, called Invokana, is currently prescribed to help control blood sugar in people with diabetes. Researchers now report that Invokana can also help to slow and even prevent kidney disease.  …...

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Phosphate Might Be The Reason You’re Too Tired To Exercise

Phosphate in the form of inorganic phosphate is a food additive found in many of our foods. It is a particle derived from phosphorus, a mineral that the body needs to build and repair bones and teeth, help nerves function, and make muscles contract. Manufacturers add phosphate to food in order to…...

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Expansion Microscopy Enlarges Samples Providing Clearer Images

Expansion Microscopy, developed by Harvard and MIT researchers, enlarges sample sizes by 100 fold. Consequently, you can see cell tissues with greater clarity and precision. How Expansion Microscopy Works Conventional Electron microscopy limits the ability to clearly image in great detail biological tissue that is smaller than a lights wavelength.…...

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