Heart Attacks

Olive Oil Will Keep Your Heart Healthy And Disease Free, How?

Olive oil has been promoted for hundreds of years, especially in the Mediterranean countries as good for your health, especially heart health. The question is why? What’s in the olive oil that is so great for our hearts?   Scientists at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, may have now…...

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Heart Patch Mends Broken Hearts

A heart patch developed by scientists at the University of Toronto repairs damaged cardiac tissue. Heart Patch, How it Works  Cardiac tissues are severely damaged following an attack.  However, implanting patches on the heart surface can be tricky, as open surgery is risky for many patients after an attack. An alternative for…...

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Sleep Tips, Stay Healthy And Alert With These Recommendations

Here are recommended sleep tips to maintain your health and alertness.                     Sleep Tips To Follow Research shows that learning, memory, and information consolidation maintains at a high level. . Lack of rest leads to a decrease in mental performance, focus,…...

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