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Nursing Homes Ratings By Medicare Differ From Yelp Consumers

Nursing homes ratings by Medicare differ significantly from the Yelp consumer ratings, a recent study has found.       Nursing Homes: Ratings Differ A study conducted by Prof. Anna Rahman, University of Southern California, evaluated nursing homes from both Medicare and Yelp consumers on the following metrics: quality of…...

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Smile At A Senior Citizen, Their Health And Yours Will Thank You

A smile is a great response to stress. Often, senior citizens are under great stress due to poor health, loneliness, money, or concern for their children. Give them a great big, wide smile. They’ll feel better and so will you.         Smile: Alleviates Stress Most people don’t…...

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Magnesium: Your Good Health Really Depends On It

Magnesium is a mineral your body needs to work right. It helps with hundreds of important body processes, including those that control how your muscles and nerves work. Magnesium helps to keep your bones strong, heart healthy, and blood sugar normal. It also plays a role in your energy level.…...

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