Flu Vaccine In One Single Dose Approved By FDA This Season

A new flu vaccine that works in just one dosage was approved today by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The vaccine called Xofluza, consists of one or two pills, depending on the patients’ weight.  This FDA approval comes in just in time for the new flu season.   The…...

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FDA Approves New First In Class Drug For Acute Leukemia

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) just approved a first in its class new cancer drug for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The new drug, called, called Tibsovo, is manufactured by Agios Pharmaceuticals. Tibsovo is a once-daily pill that might replace chemotherapy for some people with  relapsing AML, a type of…...

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Calorie Counts On Restaurant Menus Now Mandatory, Starting Today!

Calorie counts at restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses with 20 or more locations that serve food are required to post calorie counts, starting today. This new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule comes after nearly a decade of delays.     The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) had included a…...

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