Social Distancing Against The Coronavirus, Can It Really Work?

Social distancing is being recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and NIH Infectious Diseases, as an efficient way to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. This proclamation is the most striking example to date of state and local governments acting to halt the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).  …...

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Medicare Now Covers Many Tests and Treatments For Coronavirus

Medicare now covers many tests and treatments for those suffering from Coronavirus, (COVID-19). The number of cases continues to climb in the United States, and therefore Medicare is giving access to testing and treatment for older adults. The fact is that seniors are most at risk for severe illness caused…...

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Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About This Deadly Virus

Coronavirus is one of the major stories in the news over the past few weeks and deservedly so. It has global health authorities and the U.S. government on high alert. Indeed, President Trump has set up a special task force, led by HHS Secretary Azar to coordinate all methods to…...

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