Best Exercises

Walking With The Right Technique Is The Best Exercise

Walking, if done with the correct technique, is the best exercise and brings your fitness to the highest level.   There are many people, including senior citizens, that love to walk, but don’t see positive results. Believe it or not there are things you can do to insure that your…...

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Activity Guidelines For Seniors Revised By Health Human Services

Activity guidelines for seniors and all other age groups have just been revised by the Department of Health & Human Services.   The new revised second edition is based on the latest research that clearly shows that physical activity brings more health benefits than previously identified.        …...

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Physical Activity Guidelines Committee Submits Scientific Report 2018

Physical activity is important for good health and a high quality of life. Guidelines Advisory Committee 2018, a group of nationally recognized experts in public health, has submitted its recommendations to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary.   Physical Activity: Recommendations The 2018 Scientific Report reinforces…...

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Exercise Is Key To Your Good Health

Exercise is imperative to maintain your good health. It benefits your brain and improves your mood, muscle tone, and overall health. Moreover, it is very helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.   Exercise  The five best exercise regimens as per Dr. Luiza Petre, Board Certified Cardiologist and Weight Management…...

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