Brain Pacemaker Offers Hope In Treating Alzheimer’s Symptoms

A brain pacemaker implanted into the brain’s frontal lobe appears to slow the advance of certain symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Called deep brain stimulation, or DBS, the technique has been used for many years to reduce tremor, walking difficulties, and stiffness caused by Parkinson’s disease. It’s also been studied as a treatment for depression and…...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Still Looking For Some Type Of Cure

Alzheimer’s disease is still searching for its cure. To date, medical science has failed to prove that any treatment, therapy or brain exercise can help prevent or cure this deadly disease. No medications, over-the-counter remedies or brain training programs have been proven in solid clinical trials to ward off Alzheimer’s. Thus far, the best evidence investigators have found, indicates that healthy living…...

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Home Care Aides Require Better Training In Alzheimer’s Care

Home care workers require a better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, so that they can provide better care to their patients. This according to a recent report by PHI, a national organization representing the direct-care workforce. The home care workforce includes health aides and personal care aides who help…...

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