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Trem2 Brain Protein Slows Memory, Cognition Loss In Alzheimer’s Patients

The Trem2 brain protein slows the loss of memory and cognitive skills in Alzheimer’s patients. Both scientists and caregivers have long noted that some Alzheimer’s patients lose their memory and cognitive skills more slowly than others. But until now, they couldn’t figure out why.         What exactly does this Trem2 brain protein…

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Can Vitamins Prevent You From Getting Dementia, Alzheimer’s?


Vitamins have long been promoted as an excellent way to prevent seniors from getting dementia and alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, billions of dollars are spent each year on vitamin supplements to ward off these fatal diseases. The question, however, is, do these supplements actually work?   The answer is an emphatic no as reported by the…

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Promising Drug By Biogen To Cure Alzheimer’s Declared A Failure

A Biogen Pharmaceuticals drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, just recently considered to be the savior for Alzheimer’s patients and their families, has been declared a failure.   Amid great disappointment, the race to find a drug that will cure or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s now starts up again.           Drug:…

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Herbs Extracted From Plants May One Day Cure Alzheimer’s Disease


Herbs are usually thought of as spices you would add to your favorite foods to enhance their flavor and taste.   But, now comes word from researchers at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, that a herb derived from the Yerba Santa plant may effectively treat seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease   Yerba santa,…

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Meditation 12 Minutes Daily Can Reverse Alzheimer’s Advancement

Meditation for 12 minutes every day can reverse and even stop the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease, a recent scientific study reports.  This is really an incredible finding, as to date, despite extensive research and billions of research dollars spent, no cure is available. Improvements were found by measuring cognitive function, mood, sleep, and the quality…

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Virtual Reality Helps Seniors Cope With Alzheimer’s Disease

Virtual reality (VR), is an interactive, three-dimensional immersive computer experience that’s viewed through goggles. The technology, became a favorite with video-gamers, and is now very popular with older Americans, health care professionals, and caregivers.   Increasingly, adult communities and skilled nursing homes are using VR for enrichment and to help dementia patients trigger positive memories.…

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Oligomer Proteins Responsible For Alzheimer’s Disease, Says Research Group

Oligomer proteins are responsible for causing Alzheimer’s disease says a combined research group from Cambridge University and Lund University. The English and Swedish scientists agree that the cause is toxic clumps of oligomer proteins in the brain. They are gearing up to create drugs to target and destroy these proteins.   There are currently no effective…

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Liver Disease Drug Found Effective Against Alzheimer’s

An existing liver drug is also effective against Alzheimer’s disease, a recent study found. The liver drug repairs malfunctioning cells.    Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and affects 5.7 million people in the United States and 47 million people worldwide. Alzheimer’s patients display progressive memory loss, difficulties with problem-solving, and disorientation, among other symptoms.   There is…

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