Alzheimer’s Association

June Is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Get Informed And Involved

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, get out there and get informed about this very serious disease. Indeed, Alzheimer’s is a major public health issue, not only here in the United States, but also world wide.   The fact is, that dementia and Alzheimer’s can hit anyone as they…...

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Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Patients Lobby For Senate Aid

Younger-onset Alzheimer’s patients may be in line to get assistance from the Senate with a proposed amendment to the Older Americans Act.   The bi-partisan legislation would give aid to individuals younger than age 60 to access the support programs of the act. Hearings were held earlier this week before…...

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Promising Drug By Biogen To Cure Alzheimer’s Declared A Failure

A Biogen Pharmaceuticals drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, just recently considered to be the savior for Alzheimer’s patients and their families, has been declared a failure.   Amid great disappointment, the race to find a drug that will cure or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s now starts up again.  …...

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