Aching Joints In Senior Citizens: Therapies That Work

Aching joints experienced by senior citizens is all part of the aging process. As you age, your cartilage, the spongy material that protects the ends of your bones, begins to dry out and stiffen. Your body also makes less synovial fluid, the stuff that acts like oil to keep your joints…...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Still Looking For Some Type Of Cure

Alzheimer’s disease is still searching for its cure. To date, medical science has failed to prove that any treatment, therapy or brain exercise can help prevent or cure this deadly disease. No medications, over-the-counter remedies or brain training programs have been proven in solid clinical trials to ward off Alzheimer’s. Thus far, the best evidence investigators have found, indicates that healthy living…...

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Aging Gracefully Can Truly Be Your Wonderful Golden Years

While aging does bring its physical and emotional challenges, it can also truly be your wonderful golden years. Age brings with it a wealth of experience and experiences you can share with the young. It brings with it a serenity and a desire to help others. You’re an inspiration to…...

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New Corneas Storage Method Fabulous Boon For Seniors

Corneas can be stored safely for up to 11 days without affecting the success of transplantation, a large national study recently found. Currently, corneas for transplantation are stored for a maximum 7 days. This longer storage time to 11 days is a boon for the aging United States population as…...

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Great Foods That Will Keep You Young and Happy

Eating great foods will slow down the aging process and keep you healthy, happy, and vibrant.   Here are seven great foods you should also add to your daily menus:   Great Foods: Nuts Nuts like pecans, almonds, and walnuts are full of antioxidants and polyphenols that can prevent disease. They also…...

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Foods That Prematurely Age Your Skin. Senior Citizens Beware.

The foods we eat significantly affect the look of our skin. Anything that impairs collagenases, the process of producing the protein collagen, may make your skin appear older. Collagen makes your skin look tight and bouncy. Here we list several foods that prematurely age your skin. Stay away from them.…...

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