Senate Bill Would Protect Elderly During Emergencies

A Senate bill now being considered would require local and state officials to prepare and care for the elderly during emergency situations. The bipartisan legislation called the Protecting Seniors During Disasters Act ensures seniors are taken care of during natural disasters, according to the bill’s sponsors.

The legislation would require local, state, and federal officials to provide all assistance necessary to the elderly during an all-hazards emergency.



Senate: Bill Provisions

Hospitals, assisted living communities, and nursing homes make their emergency plans available to residents and their families, and that evacuation plans consider weather severity as well as the ability of buildings to withstand wind and storm surge, and residents’ needs. Further, that facilities be built to enable sheltering in place if necessary. Moreover, that legal protections be available for facilities that abide by these regulations and provide care during disaster scenarios.

States that are the most successful in caring for their elderly for emergency preparedness offer clear, collaborative efforts between their emergency management and health agencies.

Most important, digitized health records can help access information about seniors health conditions and medications as they are more likely to have multiple chronic conditions and complex medication regimens.

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