Safety Concerns In Elder Care Addressed By SNF Administrators

safety concerns

Safety concerns for seniors living in skilled nursing homes and assisted living communities is the top priority for their administrators.

This is based on a just released survey done by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.


The Association identified are four major security and safety concerns:

  1. resident aggression
  2. public aggression
  3. theft from residents and and staff members
  4. resident wandering


The Association notes that it is imperative that facility administrators recognize the threats and implement prevention protocols.


safety concerns




safety concerns


Safety Concerns: Solutions

Insofar as resident aggression is concerned, the Association recommends that notes be put into the electronic health records for those residents that repeatedly cause disturbances.

Second, aggression risk can be reduced by nurses entering the resident’s room slowly.

Third, staff members should be trained to recognize items that could be used as weapons, and how to de-escalate situations.

Fourth, facilities need to install video systems, panic buttons, and communication systems to curtail public aggression.

Security personnel must be trained in customer service techniques such as de-escalation and conflict resolution. These customer service skills can prevent complaints and calm down potentially hostile encounters before they escalate.

Thefts from residents and staff members are preventable with a visitor management / access control and video surveillance system.  The visitor is allowed access to only a specific area.


Safety Concerns: More Solutions

Individual staff lockers for all staff members should be installed and available.

Wandering by residents can put them in harms way. Prevention should include an electronic resident-monitoring system. This system will provide resident bracelets, alarm activations, door locking and notification  features.

The Association also recommends that security can be enhanced by having adequate staffing levels at all shifts. Regular scheduled inspection of electronic monitoring systems and wandering prevention drills should be mandatory.

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