Recognizing caregivers during National Alzheimer’s Awareness month

With nearly 15 million caregivers caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia in the U.S., Putnam Ridge recognizes their dedication and commitment during National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in November.  The purpose is to shed a light on the fight against this chronic brain disease that affects one’s thinking, memory and behavior.  Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, is characterized by severe mental decline that interferes with a person’s daily activities.

Basic risk factors for poor cognitive health include high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, poor diet and social withdrawal.  Aging adults can reduce their risk through living healthier lifestyles, improved self-care and regular medical visits.  Some underlying conditions are particularly important to manage, such as heart disease, high cholesterol and circulatory issues.  Early detection helps to slow the disease with medications available.  Keeping mentally active is important, too.  Reading, trivia, playing games, and keeping socially connected helps keep the mind active and engaged.  Those who are experiencing early onset symptoms, should see a physician for cognitive testing.

Putnam Ridge, which has a 40 bed secured memory care unit, is very involved with the Alzheimer’s Association.  Caregivers with special training employ the latest therapeutic techniques in a compassionate, structured environment. For more information about Putnam Ridge, visit www.putnamridge.com

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