Putnam Ridge celebrates Speech Therapy Month in May!

In celebration of Speech Therapy Pathologist month, Putnam Ridge is highlighting the importance of speech and language therapy in the sub-acute setting.  Their full-time Speech-Language Pathologist, Patricia Williams, works with residents on a broad scope of speech, language, swallowing and cognitive communication issues. Speech therapy helps to assess, diagnose and treat those who need structural language, fluency and literacy improvements. When it comes to swallowing and esophageal function, evaluations are crucial in determining diet and digestive concerns for residents. A multidisciplinary team, including audiologists, dentists, dietitians, and nursing and rehabilitation staff, works together to provide a comprehensive assessment. Patricia works with patients on swallowing evaluations, cognition, and speech retraining following a full range of conditions, such as stroke, post-surgical, dementia, and other concerns. 

For more information, please contact Putnam Ridge’s rehabilitation department at: 845-278-3636

Patricia Willams

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