President Trump Upgrading VA Medical Services To Air Force Members

President Trump continues keeping his promise to military service members and their families to upgrade and improve VA medical care and services.

President Trump, VA Administration, Air Force Sign New Agreement

President Trump Air Force Jet

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Midwest Health Care Network announced this week the signing of a collaborative agreement with the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, to provide five military treatment facilities with access to the VA’s Tele-ICU capabilities.
The agreement covers Air Force patients in Las Vegas; Hampton, Virginia; Biloxi, Mississippi; Dayton, Ohio; and Anchorage, Alaska and is available through the VA’s centralized support center in Minneapolis.

Origin Of The Tele-ICU Communications Program

The program is part of the 2015 U.S. Department of Defense – VA Health Care Sharing Incentive Fund, whereby military service patients and their family members receive first rate medical care via  the VA’s Tele-CU tools.

What Is Tele-ICU Communications

The Tele-ICU telehealth program provides remote, real time electronic access to and tracking by board-certified doctors and critical care nurses using live audio and video feed, electronic monitoring, chart review, and consultations. Moreover, doctors prescribe medications, order tests and procedures, and discuss healthcare protocols with patients and family.

VA Secretary David Shulkin, looks to improve care quality and patient outcomes through the program.


Furthermore, in a statement, VA Secretary Shulkin said this about the Tele-ICU program, “It improves the quality of care, decreases costs by supporting evidence-based practices and it improves patient outcomes through decreased ventilator days, ventilator-associated pneumonias and reduced lengths of stay.”

As a result, with Secretary Shulkin’s leadership, the VA healthcare services and programs are going to be first class.

Most of all, our servicemen and women and their families deserve the best medical care, nothing less.

Thank you, President Trump, Thank you, Secretary Shulkin.

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