Flu Vaccine New Microneedle Patch Superior to Injections

 A Flu Vaccine microneedle patch was evaluated and compared to the standard hypodermic needle delivery system by scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine.  Results demonstrated that the microneedle patch provided a greater more robust immune response and was far more effective in reducing side effects.

Flu Vaccine

Vaccine and Influenza


Each year, thousands of people in the U.S. die from influenza and its complications. The flu vaccine is effective but but only 59% of children and 42% of adults choose it. To increase vaccination rates, scientists tested various delivery systems such as nasal sprays to replace the painful flu shot.

Scientists manufactured a dime sized patch containing 100 solid, water soluble needles containing the vaccine. These needles are just long enough to penetrate the skin.  Most importantly, the vaccine dissolves within the skin in minutes. Especially relevant, the patch does not require refrigeration.


Patient responses to Flu Vaccine Microneedle Patch

Vaccine by the microneedle patch displayed no serious side effects. More than 70% preferred the flu vaccine patch over the flu shot or nasal spray flu vaccine. Most important, the vaccine is effectively self administered and requires no refrigeration.



The results of this study clearly indicate that microneedle patch delivery systems are superior to hypodermic needles. Drug impact is more robust and with fewer side effects. Most importantly, Seniors and children will greatly benefit.


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