Men’s Health Month is This Month Of June, Stay Healthy

Men’s health month is this month, June 2018. It got its start back in 1994 when Congress passed a bill declaring the week before Father’s Day as Men’s Health Week. This year, it is observed June 11-17. All men are encouraged to wear blue and all of us are encouraged to show our support by posting photos to social media.


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Men’s Health: Current Stats

On average, men die 5 years younger than women, and die at higher rates from nine of the top 10 causes of death. Men are also less likely than women to be insured. All of this impacts their ability to be involved fathers, supportive husbands, and involved community members.


Men’s Health: Let’s Remind the Men

This month of June is a good time to remind the men the importance of taking care of their health. Here are some points you can emphasize to the men in your household.

Get a physical. Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable. And that prevention starts with seeing a doctor on a regular basis. Adult men in the United States visit doctors at lower rates than adult women. Establishing baselines for factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and PSA (a screening test for prostate cancer risk) helps the doctor to catch dangerous conditions early, when they’re still treatable.

Don’t be lazy, Exercise. Exercising regularly demands dedication and consistency, but the effort is well worth it. Exercise lowers blood pressure, elevates mood, is great for the heart, and burns loads of calories. Walking 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week will help keep Dad around much longer.

Diet and Nutrition. A diet rich in fiber, leafy green vegetables, low fat dairy, nuts, and carbs in moderation can help keep the body in great shape. Stop smoking and limit the alcohol to 1 drink a day, at most.



The Men’s Health Network, a DC-based nonprofit that helped pass Men’s Health Week, has collected more than 300 proclamations from governors and mayors, recognizing Men’s Health Month and Week. The network highlights the important part that fathers play as role models for their children, and how much better off kids are, when they have an actively involved dad in their life.

Join in the celebration!

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