Long Term Nursing and Secured Memory Care Unit Near Putnam Hospital

nursing homes near putnam hospital
If you are looking for long term care for your loved one and specifically for a secured memory care unit, we hope you will consider our Secured Memory Care Unit at Putnam Ridge.
At Putnam Ridge in Brewster, NY, we do a lot of things and we do them all very well.
Our special memory care unit is positively world-class and offers an exceptional balance of comprehensive care and singular compassion.
Here are some of our highlighted components:
  • Individualized memory care
  • Safe and secure home-like setting
  • Multi-sensory programming
  • Caring and compassionate staff
  • Special training
  • Secured exits and entrances
  • Therapeutic recreation programming

What are some early signs and symptoms?

  1. Memory loss that impacts independent daily functions
  2. Difficulties in planning and problem solving
  3. Challenges in the completion familiar home tasks
  4. Confusion regarding time of day or location
  5. Trouble recognizing spatial relationships or photos
  6. Problems with speech or writing
  7. Frequently misplacing objects or forgetting during a task
  8. Increasingly poor judgement
  9. Withdrawal from family and friends
  10. Altered personality and mood

nursing homes near putnam hospital

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