Highlight of the Week

As Thanksgiving gets closer, we would like to take the time to highlight and give thanks to the people in our community that makes an impact on everyone at Putnam Ridge. This week we are highlighting our wonderful resident, June Offerman. June has a radiant presence and youthful laugh that can bring a smile to anyone she meets.

June is an avid reader and is ready to read anything she can get her hands on. Growing up, her father was a rancher in Oklahoma, and later in her life married a rancher. A lover of the arts, and of animals; June has a love for horses and has a beautiful collection of stamps that she has collected from all over the world.

Her favorite foods include a really good steak. When she is having a sweet tooth, she enjoys a nice ice cream sundae composed of chocolate ice cream and extra fudge syrup or a nice warm piece of freshly baked apple pie with chocolate ice cream!

June is a very sociable person and enjoys being around others and participates in a variety of recreation programs that are offered at Putnam Ridge. Thank you, June, for all the joy and positivity you bring to Putnam RIge.

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