Give Dad a gift he deserves this Father’s Day!

As parents advance in age, often times it is the less material things that are cherished the most.  Many dad spent their lives giving to others and not giving much attention to themselves.  So, for this Father’s Day, give dad the gift of time and attention and it will surely be appreciated!  Spending the time to ask questions, reminisce about younger years, share stories, and talk about sports or current events will not only help dad keep his memory sharp, but will make him feel special.  Material gifts may certainly be appreciated, of course, but make sure to take the time to connect with dad on a more personal level by spending quality time and making conversation. Take this occasion to express your gratitude and enjoy quality time together.

Putnam Ridge is proud to recognize the many contributions of dads by celebrating Father’s Day!  For more information, visit putnamridge.com

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