Sleep Tips, Stay Healthy And Alert With These Recommendations

Here are recommended sleep tips to maintain your health and alertness.

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Sleep Tips To Follow

  • Research shows that learning, memory, and information consolidation maintains at a high level. .
  • Lack of rest leads to a decrease in mental performance, focus, and happiness. And you don’t think as clearly. Doctors reduce mistakes by 33% with proper amounts of sleep.
  • Mood elevates with proper rest.
  • Heart disease rates decrease.
  • Diabetes rates increase with lack of sleep.
  • Hormone levels are at correct levels.
  • Wrinkle free skin. Your body releases the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down collagen, a substance that keeps your skin smooth.
  • Improvement in decision making and judgement.
  • Eight hours sleep every night reduces your weight and body fat.
  • Live longer with proper amounts of nightly sleep.
  • Reduce colds and illnesses. Eight hours of sleep increases infection fighting bodies and proteins.


More Sleep Tips, How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Recommend these schedules by Sleep research scientists :

  • School children: 10 hours.
  • Teens: 9 to 10.5 hours
  • Adults: 7 to 8 hours

Most adults get 6 hours or less. Only a third of school students log the full 8 hours on an average school night.


Sleep Tips Conclusions


Extensive research conclusively indicates that correct amounts of sleep increase health and alertness levels and protects against a host of diseases and illness.

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