COVID -19 Visitation Policy Update

Dear Family and Friends,

We are excited to announce that pending the results of the last serial Covid testing today; we hope to be open for visitation on Monday.

In order to have a safe and orderly opening, all visits must be scheduled through the receptionist. Additionally, we recommend that you call the facility on the day of your visit to ensure there have been no changes made to our ability to have visitors in the building that day.

Although testing is not mandatory for visitation, we do encourage our visitors to be tested to support our ongoing effort to continue to keep the residents safe.  If you have been swabbed in the community, please provide the receptionist with a copy of your lab results at time of your visit.  If you have not been swabbed in the community, you can arrange through the receptionist to have a rapid swab completed at Putnam Ridge.  If you are being swabbed by Putnam Ridge, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit to allow time for swabbing.

Please read the below Guidelines for Visitation in its entirety before your visit so that you know what to expect.

On behalf of the staff of Putnam Ridge, we welcome you back to our home.   You have all been missed!

Read/ Download the Visitation Guidelines


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