Chart Assist New Artificial Intelligence App Helps Doctors Avoid Burnout

Chart Assist is a new artificial intelligence (AI) application that is helping doctors avoid burnout. It is manufactured by Cerner, a leading developer of AI workflows for the medical electronic health records sector.



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Chart Assist: Helping Doctors, Skilled Nurses Avoid Burnout

Chart Assist is a new AI-enabled workflow, which now joins Cerner’s suite of systems designed for the medical profession. It reduces physician and nurses burnout, increases productivity, and strengthens confidence among patients.

The new app focuses on user efficiency and identifies gaps and inconsistencies within the patient record.

It helps reviews and validates patient diagnoses, reduces the physician workload, and assure both the patient and the family that the correct treatment is being provided.

This AI application removes the burden and time necessary to keep patient records up to date. Most importantly it flags errors, omissions, and inconsistencies.

And, most importantly, eliminating this time consuming and stressful activity also reduces the risk of doctor/nurse burnout.

Recently, Cerner participated in a study that addresses the risks to patient safety and clinician burnout. Applications are fine tuned with the use of analytics, research, and feedback. The constant feedback further fine tunes the application.

Doctor and nurse burnout is a health care and industry wide challenge. Constant updating the EHR workflows with AI enhancements delivers a better health care product to patients.


In general, this segment of the health care industry is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development. The foundation of the EHR workflow database is the progress in research and development.


It’s a win-win scenario for doctor, nurses, and above all, the patient.

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