Caregiving as a Collective Effort To Enrich and Inspire

It has become altogether too common, where the burden of caring for ones elderly parents becomes the sole responsibility of one sibling, even in cases where that sibling is not an only child.

While this is sometimes a natural by-product of geographical constraints, such as when only one sibling lives in the same area as Mom or Dad, it is not always the case.

To be sure, there are many nuances and factors that will influence the collaborative participation of multiple family members and siblings, in physically and emotionally caring for an elderly parent who is still living at home.

However, many of these variables change when a parent is admitted into a skilled nursing facility for long term care. As the sole provider of the physical care of your parents, we are totally vested with the responsibility of their physical well being.

At the same time, we are always thrilled and grateful to work with families hand in hand to see to the emotional well being of their loved one(s).

Of course, our residents thrive emotionally and physically under our dedicated care and compassion. However, we will happily attest that an invested family member(s) who takes the time to check in with Mom or Dad, whether in person, or even over the phone, does so much to enrich the lives of their loved one!

There is more than one way to get involved and we encourage you to join with us on their journey of healing!

Call our social services today and let us know how we can help facilitate a stronger, richer and more rewarding connection between you and your loved one.

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