Brain Exercises, Problem Solving Wards Off Mental Decline

Brain exercises, and problem solving tasks are activities that both scientists and laymen believe can help minimize any mental decline as we age. But, is this really true? Is this idea actually based on any scientific evidence?

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Brain Exercises: Scientific Study Results

Previous research showed that people can prevent age-related mental decline if they exercise their brain with puzzles and various problem-solving activities.

Now comes another follow-up study from English scientists to confirm earlier results. Does exercising your brain with problem-solving tasks prevent age-related mental decline? Is memory and cognitive ability of seniors at similar healthy levels to when they were younger?

The English researchers analyzed the data of 498 participants who were all born in 1936 and had taken The Moray House Test IQ test at age 11.  Participants were tested several times, beginning at age 64 through age 79  with memory tests, verbal learning tests, problem solving, and critical thinking.

The results showed that brain exercises and problem-solving activities earlier in life improved cognitive ability later in life. Age related memory decline and cognitive impairment was slowed down compared to the control group.

The results suggest problem solving exercises earlier in life, helps protect the brain from a decline as we age. Any decline in our seniors years, will actually start from a higher cognitive level, and thus is not as noticeable.


These positive results are heartening for senior citizens. Basically, it may never be too late to exercise our brains and reap the benefits.

So, for a perfect Holiday gift for the seniors in your life, get them a chess set, a Sudoku puzzle book, or anything that challenges their brain.

If they are disappointed, remind them that alert cognitive skills will make their senior years much happier.

Happy Holidays!

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