Stiff Joints Part Of Aging Process, Learn How To Control It

stiff joints

Stiff  joints are something most of us experience at some point in life — and certainly the risk increases as we hit old age.   But why does this happen so often? Is it part of the aging process. Well, one reason is that as we age, our cartilage — the spongy material that protects…

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New Prosthetic Leg With Sensors Works, Feels Like Real One

new prosthetic leg

A new prosthetic leg containing internal and external sensors, provides sensory feedback to the walker, much like the feedback provided by a real leg.   While today’s prosthetic legs come in a variety of designs, they still lack the ability to give users a natural sense of themselves. Instead, they feel like man-made devices strapped…

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Trem2 Brain Protein Slows Memory, Cognition Loss In Alzheimer’s Patients

The Trem2 brain protein slows the loss of memory and cognitive skills in Alzheimer’s patients. Both scientists and caregivers have long noted that some Alzheimer’s patients lose their memory and cognitive skills more slowly than others. But until now, they couldn’t figure out why.         What exactly does this Trem2 brain protein…

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2020 Census Important For Gauging Senior Citizens Concerns

2020 census

The 2020 Census is very important for senior citizens. And that’s because unlike the previous Census’, the 2020 version will be completed largely online. You ask — why should that be a problem? The answer is simple. Seniors prefer responding one-to-one with a live person, not a faceless computer. They are wary of answering sensitive…

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Diabetes Patients Can Now Get Medicare Nutrition Benefit

diabetes patients

Diabetes and kidney patients can now get a valuable Medicare nutrition benefit as part of their Medicare coverage.   The estimated 15 million Medicare enrollees with diabetes or chronic kidney disease are eligible for the benefit. But Medicare for seniors aged 65 and older, only paid for 100,000 recipients to get this counseling in 2017, the…

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Cuff Free Blood Pressure Monitor Approved By FDA

cuff free

The first ever cuff free blood pressure monitor won approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week.   The FDA granted Biobeat, the green light to market the company’s wrist watch and patch that measure blood oxygenation, heart rate, and blood pressure. This a great advancement because it allows for long-term monitoring without…

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Eating Healthy: Plan Your Meals As If Your Life Depended On It

Eating healthy is serious business. But, serious as it is, planning your meals is easier than you think. And, indeed, your health and life depend on it. So, knowing that you make decisions every day, including big decisions, planning meals that are healthy and nutritious, is easy.   Research studies show that healthy food and…

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Eating Sugar In Moderation Is Healthy, Learn Why.

eating sugar

Eating sugar can be healthy for you if done in moderation. That’s the key as most of us love sweet foods and drinks. The problem arises when we eat too much sugar. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease.           Eating Sugar:…

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Excessive Daytime Sleep Top Symptom Of Alzheimer’s Disease

excessive daytime sleep

Extreme daytime sleep has been identified as a top symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.  The question is, what causes this?  Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), led by Dr. Lea Grinberg, report that people with Alzheimer’s disease, experience major brain cell loss in three regions of the brain responsible for wakefulness. Excessive Daytime…

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Prediabetes A Warning To Change Your Lifestyle Immediately

Prediabetes is a condition where your blood sugar levels are higher than they should be, but not yet high enough to be considered diabetes. Pre-diabetes can progress to type 2 diabetes, a disease in which your body does not use insulin properly.   Statistics now show that 33 percent of  American adults has this condition.…

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